Transgender university student interview [ part 3 ]

Part 3! ( See part 1 & 2)

Transgender laverne

How do you think we as a society can help diminish or get rid of transphobia?

More representation of trans individuals that are not negative; show that transgender people are in fact people. Educate people about what it means to be transgender, and the difficulties faced with being trans. Educate individuals about what is considered transphobic or cisnormative (trans exclusionary) language and behaviours.

What are your feelings about famous transgender individuals such as Caitlyn Jenner, Jazz Jennings and Laverne Cox?

I think it is great that there are famous trans people out there who aim to represent and give light to the community. Laverne Cox especially has done so much for trans representation, and also bringing up intersectionality into discussion. I haven’t seen Jazz Jennings around much, but from what I have seen I think she also creates people to question and understand what it may mean to be trans, especially a young trans person.

As for Caitlyn Jenner, she has brought being transgender into light but there has been a bit of contention in regards to her views, as she is quite conservative.

It is important to note that such famous people, such as Caitlyn are privileged; have the money and are at a place to be able to transition, and that most trans people do not have the same type of accessibility that she does.

What do you think family and schools can do in order to make transgender youth feel more comfortable in their skin and avoid feelings of dysphoria?

Introduce gender neutral bathrooms. Allow uniform to be worn regardless of gender. Allow people to have their preferred names on the roll. Don’t make such a fuss over whether or not someone adheres to gender stereotypes, accept them for who they are. If your child comes out as transgender, listen to what they have to say. Buy them clothes if they want to start dressing more ‘masculine’ or more ‘feminine’.

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